The orders will be get to the restaurant by direct printing, fax and e-mail.
You will receive a courtesy call and text message if is needed as an alert for every order.
Customers can pay with cash or credit card as you decide the method of payment.
Once the order is received you just must to take care of the rest.

Direct printing, fax and e-mail order

We will give REAL USAGE to your Web Site and explore all its own potential plus the input of our own network of “online customers” from your area.

Web Pages’s Order Online Button 

How do we do it? 

We add an “Order Online” button to your current webpage and also to your facebook fan page. This button has a link that will redirect the customer to our online system with your menu and the shopping cart.
You will only have to give us or let us take from your web site the pictures of your dishes with the prices and we will take care of all the set-up.Escribe aquí tu párrafo.

Facebook’s “Shop Now” Button 


Every week we will send you the statement together with the direct deposit for the gross sales of the week. We will deduct only the CC fee and our commission. 

Weekly Statement 

How it works? 

Every “Online Customer” will be able to place the order for Delivery, Pick-up, Dine-In, Curb-side from any Smartphone, tablet or desktop PC or any other device. For deliveries you will be able to have a customized area. 

Order Types